Safe Rooms

Does your family have a “Safe Room”? Not a room where you hide a safe, but rather a sort of bank vault to keep your family safe in the event of an emergency, like a home invasion or robbery. These rooms are often depicted in Hollywood movies, and are extremely useful in protecting your family from bad actors (not the Hollywood kind).
The experts at wrote a great article to help explain the importance and benefits of safe rooms (summarized below):

Most security experts use the phrase Safe Room rather than Panic Room to describe the concept of having an ultra-secure location within a residence. The concept is simple…prepare a room within the interior of the home where the family can safely retreat during a home invasion or other terrorist threat and summon help.

Think of a safe room as a box with only one opening. You simply fortify the six sides to the box and the single door leading into it. I’ve seen safe rooms that were built more like a bunker or bank vault with eight-inch concrete walls and a steel door. These elaborate designs were also used to store cash, valuable jewelry, and collections. I’ve seen others that had reinforced steel sheeting in the walls and equipped with a video monitor, a cellular telephone, and alarm keypad.

Unlike the movie, most safe rooms are merely fortified enough to delay an intruder so an alarm can be activated or call made to summon the police or security. Any homeowner can create such a room with relatively little effort and expense. The most common reason the average person would want a safe room is fear of assault from a home invasion robber or abusive spouse. The most common reason for corporate executives to constuct a safe room is fear of kidnapping for ransom or fear of home invasion robbery.

Although most Americans would probably prefer to build a bar or a game room rather than a panic room, the benefits cannot be overstated. Although they are probably out of the reach of most of the world because of the sheer cost, panic rooms allow families to have a clear plan of action in case of a burglary or home invasion, and can deliver a lot of peace of mind.

If the safe room is out of reach of your family for financial reasons, you can get many of the same benefits by having a clear plan of action in the event of an emergency. In case of a fire, get on all fours and crawl to the nearest exit, and wait outside in front of your house for emergency personnel to arrive. If everyone in your family is on the same page about what to do an emergency, That’s a big step in the right direction.